Define Down Home

If Yankee bootleggers stood for organized crime, the hillbilly moonshiner is the picture of down-home entrepreneurial.

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"He was a mighty force of down home Cuban cuisine, and lived life to the fullest. It’s a "way of living," that started.

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Down Home unknown 1. Somebody or something that is particularly small-town, sometimes characteristically small-minded or with a minimal world scope. 2.

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Down-home definition is – of, relating to, or having qualities (such as informality and simplicity) associated with rural or small-town people especially of the Southern U.S.; broadly : simple, unpretentious. How to use down-home in a sentence.

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"He was a mighty force of down home Cuban cuisine, and lived life to the fullest. It’s a "way of living," that started.

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Political primary season is in full swing, and the candidate who wants to get an edge by polishing his image as a caring, warm, down-home kind of guy might heed the findings of voter surveys conducted prior to the last two presidential elections.

adjective Something that is down-home is associated with a simple, rural life, especially in the southern United States. Betty had learned a thing or two about down-home cooking from her mother. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.